About Us

Every year, residential fires and wildfires in the US and Australia create a challenging environment for Fire Fighters. They require the most robust equipment to tackle these hazardous situations. Duraline has become the go-to company for Fire Fighters because they develop the toughest power solutions to overcome these challenges.


        Since the1990s, Duraline’s Fire Power Electrical System has been designed to handle the toughest environments that firefighters face every day. Our electrical connectors, plugs, and other wiring 7 devices are waterproof and engineered to eliminate dangerous GFI nuisance tripping. The system is built to withstand the abuse, including high-pressure hose down, and cannot be crushed by other fire vehicles like other conventional connectors. Designed to enhance GFCI safety, these connectors can even function when completely submerged in water.



Built In the USA, Duraline’s Fire Power electrical systems are specifically built to provide long service life under rough conditions, severe service situations, and weather. They meet or exceed the highest safety standards and regulations and are tailored to the abusive environments found on fire trucks.