IP68-rated Connectors: Reliability in Extreme Conditions

IP68-rated Connectors: Reliability in Extreme Conditions

IP68-rated Connectors: Reliability in Extreme Conditions

March 18, 2024

Since 1946, Duraline has been a leader in providing safe, reliable electrical solutions for diverse industries. Duraline serves the U.S. Navy and commercial shipbuilding. Our expertise has expanded to mining, petrochemicals, food processing, medical, entertainment, transportation, utility, and telecommunications. 

Today, we’re showcasing how our IP68-rated connectors are changing the game for demanding applications, starting with the life-saving work of firefighters. These American-made connectors provide unmatched protection against the elements, ensuring equipment functions even in unimaginable situations.

IP68-Rated Connectors Built for the Toughest Jobs

Firefighters face some of the world’s harshest environments—raging infernos, blinding smoke, and torrential downpours. That’s why Duraline’s Fire Power portable electrical systems use only the highest quality IP68-rated connectors.

The IP68 rating means these connectors block out dust completely. They can resist submersion up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes and withstand continuous immersion in up to 6 feet of water when mated or capped.

This superior protection ensures firefighting gear remains operational, giving firefighters the tools they need to save lives and property. Designed for long service life under the roughest of conditions, Duraline’s IP68-rated connectors meet or exceed applicable NEC and OSHA safety standards and regulations.

Duraline Firepower Female Pigtails

Firefighters rely on Duraline’s Firepower IP68 Female Electrical Connector Pigtails. With their IP68 rating, these connectors ensure reliable power access even in the most dire situations. 

In chaotic and dangerous environments, firefighters can connect lights, pumps, rescue tools, and other important equipment to the truck’s power source. These pigtails maintain a secure and waterproof electrical connection, standing up to rain, firefighting foam, and direct blasts from hoses. Their dust-proof design prevents dirt or debris from compromising the connection, eliminating the risk of power failures.

Additionally, these pigtails are built with strong construction and corrosion-resistant materials, guaranteeing years of dependable service in the harshest conditions.

IP68-Rated Connectors for Diverse Applications

Duraline’s IP68-rated connectors offer exceptional value far beyond the realm of firefighting.

Military & Aerospace

Military and aerospace equipment must withstand extreme conditions – harsh temperatures, shock, vibration, and exposure to sand, dust, and corrosive substances. IP68-rated connectors ensure reliable power and data transmission for communications systems, ground vehicles, and aircraft.

Industrial Automation

Industrial settings like manufacturing facilities and processing plants expose electrical components to dust, water spray, high humidity, and harsh chemicals. IP68-rated connectors protect control systems, sensors, and motors. They cut costly downtime and prevent safety risks.

Outdoor Installations

Outdoor installations like lighting, signage, security systems, and communication infrastructure face constant challenges from the weather. IP68-rated connectors keep power flowing to these systems. They resist corrosion, stop moisture buildup, and work in extreme temperatures.

How Duraline Sets the Standard

Duraline brings decades of experience and relentless innovation to the design of rugged electrical components. When you’re facing an extreme situation, such as those that firefighters face daily, you need reliable electrical components that handle abuse.

With Duraline’s Fire Power System, eliminate dangerous GFI nuisance tripping and trust in a system that is designed for a long service life under rough conditions. Ensure that your IP68-rated connectors can handle high-pressure water hoses and won’t disconnect when you need them the most.

IP68-Rated Connectors for Resilient Systems

When unwavering power connectivity is non-negotiable, IP68-rated connectors deliver unparalleled performance. From firefighting equipment to industrial machinery, our solutions offer unmatched performance and resilience. Contact us today to learn more!

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